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Scintillation cocktails for Flow counting

Hidex offers NPE-free and NPE-containing cocktails for flow applications such as flow scintillation analysis (FSA).

  • (PFG+) ProFlow G+ is the NPE-free general purpose flow cocktail for most eluents
  • (PFP+) ProFlow P+ is the NPE-free ammonium phosphate accepting flow cocktail
  • (GF1) GoldFlow is the high capacity & high efficiency general purpose flow cocktail (contains NPE’s)

ProFlow G+

Developed to work with most commonly encountered eluents, including gradients, used in Flow counting.

ProFlow G+ is NPE free and does not form gels, providing rapid and easy mixing.


  • NPE-free cocktail making it more environmentally friendly.
  • Suitable for use with dilute eluents and aqueous/organic gradients
  • Suitable up to 2 : 1 ratio with water/acetonitrile gradients
  • Biodegradable
  • High flash point (147°C) increases safety
  • Can be used safely on the bench


ProFlow G+ accepts a wide range of sample types at excellent mixing ratios:

Capacity Max Ratio
DI Water 10.00 mL 1:1
1/1 Water/Methanol 6.00 mL 2:1
1/1 Water/Acetonitrile 10.00 mL 1:1
0.01M PBS 10.00 mL 1:1
0.1M PBS 10.00 mL 1:1
0.15M NaCl 10.00 mL 1:1
0.5m NaCl 6.00 mL 2:1
1.0M NaCl 2.50 mL 4:1
0.05M Tris-HCl 10.00 mL 1:1
0.02M Ammonium formate 10.00 mL 1:1
0.25M Ammonium acetate 6.00 mL 2:1
0.1M HCl 5.50 mL 2:1
1.0M HCl 10.00 mL 1:1
0.1M NaOH 4.50 mL 3:1
1.0M NaOH 4.50 mL 3:1


ProFlow P+

Developed to work with ammonium phosphate gradients ranging from 0 to 2M concentration.

ProFlow P+ is NPE free and does not form gels, providing rapid easy mixing.


  • NPE-free cocktail
  • Suitable for use with 0 to 2M ammonium phosphate gradients
  • No offensive odour
  • High flash point (147°C)


Gold Flow

A high flash point safer cocktail designed for use in Flow Scintillation Analysis (FSA).

Gold Flow has low viscosity and is non-gelling.

A high sample load capacity combined with rapid mixing makes Gold Flow ideal for use in FSA.

Gold Flow resists quench, providing higher counting efficiencies and therefore more counts per peak.

REACH regulations classify NPEs used in this cocktail as SVHC’s (Substances of Very High Concern) and therefore this cocktail is available for Research & Development use only.