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Filtermat counting has never been more convenient!

Hidex now offers a complete solution for everyone who is looking for a cost effective way of doing filtration liquid scintillation assays.

Glass fiber filtermat microplate adapters are now available from Hidex in both 24 and 96 well format. The adapters are suitable for any type of filtermat, including MeltiLex® scintillator.

The Hidex Filtermat Adapter well positioning is similar to other microplate counters, making it possible to prepare the filtermats using the same Harvester head.


Due to superior finish of the surface, the Hidex Filtermat Adapters produce up to 30% higher signal than other filtermat adapters on the market.

The Hidex Sense microplate reader is an unrivaled choice when looking for a modern LSC detection system. The Sense Beta Plus is the only reader that measures both LSC assays and all common non-radioactive assays.

The Hidex Sense is also available as a LSC Beta only model.

Read all about the Hidex Sense microplate readers here.


MeltiLex is a registered trademark of PerkinElmer

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