Hidex Oy broadens LSC cocktail range with new ownership transfer agreement

Hidex News December 7, 2022

In July 2022, Hidex Oy acquired UK based Meridian Biotechnologies Ltd’s scintillation cocktail products. The agreement included the transfer of ownership of the Meridian Biotechnologies scintillation cocktails to Hidex.

Why this Hidex X Meridian alliance?

Hidex is a market leader in liquid scintillation counting with over 4000 analyser installations worldwide. On the other hand, Meridian Biotechnologies have a unique and elaborate range of scintillation cocktails that are very well compatible with Hidex’s LSC instruments.

The two companies have had close ties and worked together for several years. At a time when the founders of Meridian were looking to reduce their workload, Hidex has been strategising growth in the industry. Another compelling reason for this alliance is that other than the products being congenial, there is an overlap of the companies’ target markets. Both companies also put strong emphasis on serving the global research and development community.

What does this mean for Hidex?

“Hidex has taken significant strides in gaining market share of radioactivity analysis equipment and we want to serve our customers better by providing them with the best scintillation cocktails for their needs”, explains Hidex CEO Ville Haaslahti.

The addition of Meridian’s scintillation cocktails to Hidex’s product portfolio, now gives our customers a wider variety of cocktails to choose form and products that specifically match user needs. Our portfolio consists of both cocktails containing NPE and NPE-free cocktails. One is also able to easily navigate through choices and choose the best cocktail for their laboratory needs based on sample type and other criteria’s they may have.

In addition, a new incorporation to the product portfolio are tissue solubilisers. The tissue solubilisers allow users to safely handle solubilising tissue samples prior to liquid scintillation.

Why are NPE-free scintillation cocktails gaining popularity?

Scintillation cocktails often contain Nonylphenol Ethoxylates also known as NPE chemicals. NPE chemicals have been found to have toxic impacts on aquatic life, leading to increasing regulation on their use. Consequently, there are more government mandates, including the new EU directive, demanding the use of environmentally friendly NPE-free cocktails. Our range of cocktails includes both cocktails containing NPE and NPE-free cocktails, so users can easily find an option that is in compliance with local mandates and serves their laboratory goals.

Hidex has the only comprehensive range of NPE-free cocktails in the world to cover the full spectrum of liquid scintillation use cases. Can we help you with your scintillation cocktail needs? The cocktails are available through our website and a personalised consultation can be provided by our experts.