Meet the Hidex Team: Introducing Jani Koskinen and Jenni Lehtonen

Hidex News February 6, 2023

The Hidex family is growing at a rate like never before. During 2022 alone, we had 7 new colleagues joining us.

The company grows, as the demand for radioactivity measurement is utilised for more and more applications. In today’s “Meet the Hidex team” news, we introduce, two new Hidex employees that joined and strengthened the team –  Service Engineer Jani Koskinen and Laboratory Technician Jenni Lehtonen

Introducing New Hidex Employees
Jani Koskinen (left) and Jenni Lehtonen (right) have joined the Hidex team in the position of Service Engineer and Laboratory Technician, respectively.

What does a typical day at Hidex look like from a Laboratory technician’s perspective?

According to Jenni, no two days look alike at Hidex. As a laboratory technician, Jenni’s responsibility includes performing quality analysis checks of our liquid scintillation instruments before they are shipped out to the customer. One of the aspects that enables Hidex to be unique in our industry, is our promise to our customers that our instruments are both precise and accurate. Our promise for being on point, starts with Hidex colleagues, such as, Jenni.

How did Jenni know she wanted to work at Hidex?

Jenni’s journey to Hidex started when she came across a job advertisement that intrigued her. She was looking forward to a career jump from being a biomedical nurse. As COVID-19 affected healthcare professionals worldwide, she sought a new challenge and a different working environment. At Hidex, she enjoys working on long-term projects and likes being surrounded by supportive colleagues. When she’s not working on liquid scintillation QA, she’s enjoying time with her family, listening to audiobooks, or running half-marathons.

How has the first six months on the job been for our service engineer Jani?

As we sit down over a cup of coffee to discuss their Hidex journey, which began in August 2022, an interesting question comes to mind:

Do Jani and Jenni still consider themselves new to the job?

Jani has a smile and an amusing response –

Somewhat, the probation period clock is ticking and has only few more days to go.

Jani goes on to say that while some aspects of the job have become more familiar, the positively challenging nature of the job means there is something new to learn all the time.

Why pursue a career as a service engineer?

Jani has always been fond of hands-on work. Whether it be building a car with his son, or renovation work at his summer cottage, or working under the hood of the Hidex Oxidizer. With a background in IT, Jani has always had a gift of working with instruments. He oversees QA for Oxidizer, Q-ARE and occasionally also works with our Radiowater generator.

On an ordinary day of browsing through his LinkedIn feed, Jani came across an interesting opening. His acquaintance and former colleague had shared a vacancy that fit his expertise very well. Before he knew it, he was visiting the Hidex office for the first time and interviewing for the position.

Little did they both know during the interviews that it was just the first leg of a much longer journey of becoming a part of the Hidex family. The growth in 2022 has been tremendous, and we strive to continue the same path into 2023 by doing what we do best – serve our customers.