Regulatory Radiation Surveillance with Hidex LSC

Hidex News June 15, 2023

The National Radiation Protection Institute (NRPI), Prague continues to trust Hidex’s radiation detection equipment for needs of the Czech regulatory body (SÚJB) and for research studies.

One of the critical applications of Hidex instruments is the monitoring of environmental radioactivity in water samples. The Hidex 300 SL Super Low Level has been instrumental in NRPI‘s radiation protection routine analysis. To gain insight into their experiences and expectations, we spoke with Michal Feigl, a scientist at NRPI.

How kind of role does NRPI play in radiation surveillance?

NRPI plays a vital role in providing scientific support to the governmental state office performing radiation surveillance and simultaneously is engaged in multiple research projects of various specialization. Michal’s laboratory is responsible for analysing of different radionuclides in different kinds of samples from the natural environment. One important application is the determination of tritium activity concentration as a huge number of samples has to be analysed and a mean value of tritium activity concentration in natural environment is generally low. It leads to shifted demands to determination procedure sensitivity.

He stated “Very few instruments in the liquid scintillation counting market are able to provide true ultra-low-level analysis”.

Michal Feigl from National Radiation Protection Institute (NRPI) visits Hidex headquarters in Turku, Finland.

As part of their radiation protection initiatives, NRPI receives samples from various locations across the Czech Republic, particularly those in the vicinity of nuclear power plants. The laboratory needs to detect routinely tritium activity concentration as low as 0.6 Becquerel per litre. Additionally, the high number of samples for routine analysis necessitates an instrument with substantial capacity. That’s why low-background and therefore highly sensitive LSC counter is needed.

Michal’s commitment to precise results led him to visit Hidex’s headquarters in Turku, Finland, where he witnessed firsthand the performance of Hidex’s latest solution for ultra-low-level analysis. Reflecting on the laboratory’s adoption of Hidex’s liquid scintillation counter in early 2020, Michal mentioned a significant improvement in workflow and overall performance expected by replacing their existing equipment with the 300 SL Super Low Level.

Why did Michal’s laboratory choose Hidex?

Hidex instruments have consistently met the diverse needs and requirements of customers worldwide, including prestigious institutions like NRPI. The trust and satisfaction of long-standing customers, such as NRPI, highlight the versatile nature and effectiveness of Hidex instruments across a wide range of applications. Hidex is proud to serve long-standing customers that are doing crucial work. Hidex takes great pride in providing service to its esteemed long-term clients who are engaged in vital endeavours, including NPRI Prague.