Summer Jobs at Hidex: Meet Jussi Tirkkonen & Kristian Robertsson

Hidex News August 2, 2023

Summer jobs offer a great opportunity to step away from the classroom and into the working world. Today’s story features summer employees R&D Engineer Jussi Tirkkonen and ERP Project trainee Kristian Robertsson, who bring fresh insights to Hidex while pursuing their studies at the university.

Hidex summer employees Jussi Tirkkonen and Kristian Robertsson.

How did you find your summer jobs at Hidex?

University students often seek hands-on experience through summer jobs. Securing a job in one’s field can be challenging. We asked Jussi about his opportunity at Hidex. It’s his second summer working there, and his initial contact with the company was when he boldly approached them and inquired about summer positions. To his delight, Hidex invited him for an interview, and he started working soon after. When asked for his advice to fellow students in search of summer work, Jussi suggests:

“Do not hesitate to reach out to companies even if they currently lack open positions, as there may be a chance they could accommodate you if it’s a mutual fit. Moreover, you may consider contacting companies as early as the beginning of the year for a job starting in May or June.”

What have been your tasks during the summer job?

Jussi and Kristian have worked summer jobs in different industries, but both appreciate the opportunity at Hidex to gain working experience in their own field of studies. Kristian’s studies revolve around Information Technology and leading IT projects, but this is his very first time steering an IT project for a company. At Hidex, he has been actively building a new ERP system for the company, as the company shifts gears in data handling. According to Kristian, on his summer job experience, he shares:

“This job has allowed me to combine two things I am passionate about: IT and project management. While I was aware of my passion for both topics individually, I have enjoyed combining the two while working with various colleagues, learning about the technicalities of an ERP, and translating the information technology of the ERP to my colleagues at Hidex.”

What are your plans after summer?

After summer, it’s time to get back to student life as the autumn semester starts at the university. Both look forward to going back to school, as Jussi begins his master’s studies in Biomedical Imaging at the University of Turku, and Kristian heads to Germany for the second year of his double degree program in Digital Enterprise Management. Jussi & Kristian both feel that they have learned a lot during their time at Hidex, from applying theoretical knowledge to working on a project with people of different educational backgrounds and gaining insight into scientific problem-solving. Hidex is a great place to start one’s career, and the company has been fortunate to have young minds who are eager to learn and contribute to the team.