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Release the full potential of Oxygen-15 water

Oxygen-15 labelled water has been used as a tracer since the early days of Positron Emission Tomography. With the convenience and easy operation of Hidex Radiowater Generator you can reach the full potential of your blood flow studies.

Hidex Radiowater Generator is an automated production system for Oxygen-15 labelled water in PET blood flow studies. The system is designed for increased patient safety and convenient operation.

The system operates continuously, making dose injection possible precisely at time of interest. This enables time critical studies such as brain activation and cardiac stress studies.

Each patient is provided with an individual disposable filter cartridge. The cartridge uses a dual membrane system to mix NaCl with Oxygen-15 water. This helps maintain stable Oxygen-15 water production levels while specific patient doses can be requested.

Flexibility in integration and operation

Hidex Radiowater Generator supports various study protocols by offering different modes of infusion from bolus to longer continuos infusion.

We work together with all the major cyclotron providers and can support different target types and even cyclotron manufacturers own water furnace modules.

Making imaging easy

Combined with the powerful Carimas software we provide you with a complete solution for radiowater data analysis. Carimas is an imaging data analysis tool for visualization, segmentation and modelling for most medical imaging modalities such as PET, CT and MRI.

Cardiac PET

Cardiac imaging using PET is a proven superior technology and Oxygen-15 water is the gold standard in myocardial blood flow studies. The Hidex Radiowater Generator offers a safer, easier to use solution over existing manual injection devices.


Hidex radiowater generator is also available as an MRI compatible version. The system is designed with pneumatic pinch valves and plastic scintillator radiation detectors for dose calculation. This makes installations possible inside a PET/MRI suite.


Initially we thought water would be the most complicated, but actually the Hidex online water system was the first tracer production system we got approved

Head of Radiochemistry
University PET center

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