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High performance analysis equipment for life science research, radiation measurement and nuclear medicine with on point accuracy. Developing and manufacturing liquid scintillation counters, gamma counters and microplate readers as well as products for PET radiochemistry and sample preparation.

We embrace science and on point accuracy in everything what we do.

Liquid Scintillation Measuring Procedures: New Developments

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Hidex Oy broadens LSC cocktail range with new ownership transfer agreement

In July 2022, Hidex Oy acquired UK based Meridian Biotechnologies Ltd’s scintillation cocktail products.

Meet the Hidex team blogs

Meet the Hidex Team: Introducing Megha Goswami

Hidex is a family-owned company that is turning 30-years next year, and over these 30 years, our team has steadily grown one team member at a time.

Gamma counting applications with Hidex AMG in nuclear medicine

How Hidex’s Automatic Gamma Counter is revolutionising nuclear medicine research – one sample at a time

Revolutionary whole body PET scanner with Hidex RWG module

In Turku PET Center a next generation PET/CT scanner allowing real-time imaging of the whole body (vertex to thigh), Siemens Quadra, was installed.

Only accurate results matter, meet Oxidizer 600 OX

Hidex 600 OX Oxidizer is a fully computer controlled automated catalytic combustion unit for all organic sample preparation.

A breakthrough for ultra-low level biobased counting

Biofuels play a critical role in the fight against climate change.

Next generation of Liquid Scintillation Counters is here

Hidex 600 SLe is new enhanced version of Hidex 600 SL, the most efficient liquid scintillation counter on the market.