Triathler NaI System

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Single sample well counter for nuclear medicine

The Triathler NaI system is compact and economic solution for nuclear medicine departments with low sample throughput needs. The NaI system provides reliable results and convenient operation as well as possibility to customised protocols with the Hidex Control Software.

The instrument is equipped with and external 2″ NaI well type crystal detector for optimal measurement efficiency and a solid lead shielding for background reduction.

Nuclear medicine and PET

Applications may vary from measurement of peak purity in 511 keV PET isotopes or traditional nuclear medicine assays such as GFRs with Cr-51 or Tc-99. The powerful MCA can be calibrated up to 2 MeV and provides good resolution in the overall range.

Instrument is very compact and takes only small desktop space and the lead shield is optimised desing and does not need reinforced bench space.