Meet the Hidex Team: Introducing Megha Goswami

Hidex News November 9, 2022

Hidex is a family-owned company that is turning 30-years next year, and over these 30 years, our team has steadily grown one team member at a time.

Each member contributes to the development of the company and is integral to its functioning. You may already know our instruments, but let’s introduce the team members behind the instruments. In today’s blog, we interview Hidex’s newest employee and Marketing Coordinator, Meghadipa Goswami (Megha Goswami). Megha is one of several individuals who have joined Hidex in the last year. In this blog we ask her a bit about herself, about joining the Hidex team and how her first month at the company has been.

Megha Goswami, Marketing Coordinator

Megha at Hidex office, Turku Finland.

Can you shortly introduce yourself?

My name is Megha Goswami and I’m happy to join the Hidex team as their Marketing Coordinator. I’m originally from India and Finland has been my home for the past four years. I came to Finland initially to study Molecular Biotechnology and Diagnostics and since then have been studying and working in the Life Science industry. With a background in science and passion for marketing, I think of myself as a sort of “creative scientist”.

How did you learn about Hidex?

The health tech bubble in Finland happens to be very close-knit, so I was already aware of Hidex as a well-established and steadily growing company situated in Southwest Finland. Coincidentally, my associates noticed the job ad for this ‘Marketing Coordinator’ position before I did and sent it to me thinking that I maybe a good fit for the role. I knew from the minute I laid eyes on the job description, that this role was a perfect fit for me! After all, I was eager to find a suitable role for myself that combined scientific aptitude and creativity.

How has your first month at Hidex been?

The first month can very easily get overwhelming, between meeting new people, learning new things and trainings. But to my surprise, my onboarding at Hidex was handled very smoothly and I was able to focus my attention on getting to know the company and their products. I really appreciate this, because now that I’m working on my tasks, I have a decent understanding of not only Hidex’s products, but also the company values and culture.

After a few weeks of learning, I started to analyse my role as the new Marketing Coordinator with the help of CEO Ville Haaslahti to create a roadmap of our marketing objectives. To be successful in this new role, we addressed together, where Hidex’s marketing needs stand and what I can bring to the table. Hidex’s products are also very high-tech, and as a science enthusiast, I have enjoyed learning about their products and applications.

In addition, the company had already thought of my technical needs before my arrival, with a laptop ready from day one and a workstation following soon after. This allowed me to hit the ground running without missing a beat.

How are you planning to support the Hidex team?

Hidex’s sales numbers have been climbing upwards, and it’s our current objective to combine marketing efforts with our sales to maximize growth. I intend to support the Hidex team by taking responsibility of our in-house marketing strategies and plans. In addition, I will also be the primary contact person to assist our distributors with any marketing needs they may have for Hidex products, exhibitions etc. Hidex has thirty years of experience in the field, and their technology and user-friendliness are their top assets. Now, our marketing efforts will concentrate on growing brand awareness and building brand credibility, so our solutions are able to reach the individuals who require it.