Only accurate results matter, meet Oxidizer 600 OX

Hidex News June 15, 2022

Hidex 600 OX Oxidizer is a fully computer controlled automated catalytic combustion unit for all organic sample preparation. With Oxidizer 600 OX you will get homogenous and clear liquid sample for Liquid Scintillation Counting.

On point sample preparation is used for example in agrochemical industry, plant biology research, pharmaceutical development, and environmental research related to carbon sequestration and study of microplastics in sea. Hidex 600 OX is ideal for a variety of samples such as: soil, tissue, plant, oil, and concrete from nuclear decommissioning of power plants. The instrument utilizes high temperature, 900 °C, furnace that is superior for complete combustion of soil and sediment samples with optimal processing time.

600 OX Oxidizer in action

The CLG radionuclide laboratory offers radionuclide analyses and radiochemical services in the fields of alpha and gamma spectrometry, liquid scintillation methods, gross alpha/beta, and surface contamination measurements, as well as a wide range of radiochemical methods. The Hidex 600 OX was successfully applied at CLG to perform 14-C and 3-H determinations in various solid matrices.


The high level of automation allows sample preparation of six samples simultaneously without the need for the operator to be present during the combustion process. Integrated combustion plots are an important feature to give insights to the reproducibility of the combustion processes and prove the completeness of the sample combustion. Concrete and activated carbon samples from various decommissioning projects of nuclear facilities were analyzed. In combination with the HIDEX LSC counters, these samples can be measured with greatly reduced quench with very high precision and robustness.

Dr. Graser, The Chemical Laboratory


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