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The Hidex Sense Beta Plus is an application ready high performance multimode microplate reader, featuring an exceptional range of assays in one instrument.

Liquid scintillation, beta and gamma counting, high sensitivity luminescence and all common non-radioactive detection technologies are combined in one very compact instrument.

The Hidex Sense Beta Plus supports all common scintillation assays and plates, such as LumaPlate®, filter plates, e.g. UniFilter™, Filtermats, FlashPlates®, Solid scintillators, e.g. MeltiLex® and Scintillation Proximity Assays.

Time resolved LSC functionality for background reduction, ensures optimal liquid scintillation assay results. For exceptionally demanding luminescence assays, the separate low noise detector gives extreme sensitivity. The automatic detector microplate touch control ensures optimal geometry with minimal cross-talk.

Astonishing user interface

The user interface is touchscreen operated with quick access to favorite assays. The software, which is independently top rated on the international System Usability Scale (SUS), is exceptionally easy to use, and assumes truly minimal user training.

The software includes concentration calculation with a wide range of standard curve fitting methods, replicate statistics, absorbance ratio and reference calculation, FRET ratio and FP mP calculation. All results are stored in the software database, and can be exported to Excel at user demand or automatically after the run.

The Sense Beta Plus user interface can also be operated in “office” mode for off-line data and assay template handling. Data management on several workstations is further supported with convenient data transfer functionality and free rights for an unlimited number of users.

Versatile absorbance

Ultrafast absorbance spectral readout is obtained in the Hidex Sense Beta Plus with a high sensitivity grating CCD spectrograph. The complete sample spectrum from UV to IR, or simultaneously up to 10 separate wavelengths, can be scanned in less than a second per well!

Uncompromised fluorescence

The Hidex Sense Beta Plus wavelength selection system covers the fluorescence spectral range with no compromise on sensitivity. Combined with automatic signal to background optimization, fibreless optics and multiple dichroic beam splitters, the Hidex Sense Beta Plus is truly designed for ultimate performance.

Optimized design

With photon counting electronics for luminescence, time resolved fluorescence and AlphaScreen® for best possible sensitivity, the Hidex Sense Beta Plus is officially certified for CisBio HTRF® TR-FRET, THUNDER™ TR-FRET  as well as Promega Dual-Luciferase® Reporter Assay System.

The Hidex Sense Beta Plus Microplate Reader is very compact, only 8” (20cm) wide. When not in use, the instrument hibernates automatically, saving energy and generating less heat in the environment.

The Sense Beta Plus integrated dispenser system offers comprehensive injection procedures with true real time readout and automatic height adjustment to avoid foaming. The dispenser head is very comfortable to handle, with direct access to the injector tips for inspection, priming and rinsing.

Wide range of options

The Hidex Sense Beta Plus is available with digitally controlled high accuracy gas mixing system for cell viability, hypoxia and other cellular assays. The CO2 and O2 concentrations are easily managed from the touch screen. Combined with wide range temperature control, advanced shaking options, bottom read, and automatic focus adjustment, the Hidex Sense Beta Plus is a perfect platform for live cell studies.


HTRF is a registered trademark of CisBio
THUNDER™ TR-FRET is a registered trademark of BioAuxilium
Dual-Luciferase is a registered trademark of Promega Corporation
AlphaScreen is a registered trademark of Perkin Elmer
Unifilter is a trademark of GE Healthcare.
FlashPlates and MeltiLex are registered trademarks of PerkinElmer, IsoPlate is a trademark of PerkinElmer,
MultiScreen is a registered trademark of Millipore.



It’s a pity that my project is completed, because now I won’t have a chance to use the Sense

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