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Triathler is a single-sample counter, which provides fast and accurate results. Due to its very small size and light weight, Triathler can be taken into the field to measure samples on the spot.

Triathler gamma counter is ideal for small capacity nuclear medicine labs with only low sample throughput. Simple keypad operation for most common isotopes and convenient sample loading provides no hassle operation and fast results.

Portable – Flexible – Easy-to-use

  • A keypad allows single key operation for immediate results using preset protocols for any isotope.
  • Small size and weight make Triathler ideal for personal use on a benchtop or for on-the-spot field measurements
  • Optional Commfiler CSV software provides instrument control and analysis tools with easy reporting templates compatible with Excel™ environment.

Triathler gamma counter is ideal for nuclear medicine applications like I-125 radio immunoassays or Cr-51.


  • Sample types: LSC vials, Microtubes, Test Tubes
  • Detector: Single-Photon Counting PMT
  • Display: 2 x 16 character alpha-numeric LCD
  • Energy Range: 15 keV – 1000 keV
  • Counting Time: 0.1 seconds – 99999 minutes
  • Output: RS-232C to PC or thermal printer
  • Power: 110-240V AC, 12V DC
  • Dimensions: 33 L x 25 W x 19 H cm
  • Weight: 9 kg
Gamma Counting:
  • Detector: 32 x 32 mm NaI (Tl) crystal (through-hole)
  • Sample size: Tubes or Vials (up to 13 mm diameter)
  • Background Shield: 10 mm lead


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