Sample combustion with Hidex 600 OX Oxidizer

Plant sample oxidation

Plant studies with 14C are typically performed by growing the plant with 14C labelled carbon dioxide. Distribution of the 14C is then defined by analysing samples from different parts of the plant.

Materials and Equipment

  • 600 OX Oxidizer (Hidex)
  • 600 OX Radiocarbon cocktail
  • Ceramic sample boats (Hidex)
  • LSC vials 20 ml


  1. Plant sample chopping into a ceramic sample boat. Typically, 50-300 mg of plant.
  2. Weight measurement of the plant sample
  3. The ceramic sample boats and empty LSC vials are placed into 600 OX Oxidizer
  4. Combustion time of 3 minutes is selected
  5. Start the automated combustion
  6. After combustion, cap the LSC vials and measure the 14C activity with a LSC instrument